Trefu-Challenges are fun!  We hope you will join us for a challenge and share your creative output on Facebook.


TrefuArt Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge?  Join a Trefuchallenge™ whenever you want. There are no steadfast rules and you can jump in and start creating today.

 If you want to plan your challenges,  you can purchase our first Trefu Art Challenge book on Amazon and Join our Facebook group to share your work (related to the current challenge.)

If you are facing challenges in your life and want some personalized help, you may want to visit Trefu Life. That is where we mentor and coach creativity and living a balanced life.


Trefu Challenges  started as a motivational project for Munich Artists.  For several years, we created challenges for artists to expand their art knowledge, build their portfolios and have a bit of fun finishing small art pieces.

We found the creative process an essential part of TrefuLife and encourage everyone who wants to lead a Trefulicious™ life to take on one of our challenges.



We are busy running TrefuArt™ challenges and taking care of TreFuLife™ but if you want to connect with us, you can by email us at trefuchallenge @ gmail.com 

Who do we want to hear from?

  • Creatives wanting to create challenge groups that meet offline.  (We want to help you.)

  • Creatives who have finished a creative challenge. (We want to talk about you.)

  • Creatives who want to share ideas for future challenges. (We want to work with you.)